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About Us

Our Foundation

YDI has a long history of providing quality work and we take pride in the many projects that have helped to shape the landscape of our community. We strive to provide personal service for all our customers and build lasting relationships built on integrity, trust and transparency.

From the beginning, our founder Ocie J. Yarborough believed in hard and honest work to make a decent living, but also believed in working earnestly to help others in his community. It is these beliefs that resonate throughout our organization and are the strength and foundational pillars in our growth.  We are honored to better serve the community of Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia. 

Our commitment to our customers and to the community is to serve with integrity, respect and transparency; and to deliver the highest caliber of work that challenges the status quo and exceeds expectations. 

Our History

From what looked to be an innocent purchase of a 1956 Chevrolet, turned into one of the most life changing decisions in one man's life. 

Ocie Jackson Yaborough, purchased a car for $5,200 in Florence, South Carolina. A few years after he purchased the car, two of his friends convinced 17-year old Yarborough to come to McKeesport so they could work construction. He soon realized that he could make a better living for himself if he worked in Pennsylvania, instead of moving back to South Carolina. 

After working with a business partner for about a year, Yarborough decided to stay for good. A decision that changed the course of history for the Yarborough family.

In 1955, Ocie Yarborough founded, “Yarborough Development” and started his journey as a subcontractor, specializing in carpentry. 

After working under the company name, Ocie J. Yarborough Carpenter Contractor, the family changed the name to Yarborough Construction in 1969. In 1975, the company became incorporated and officially became Yarborough Development. 

Currently, we still hold strong to our family values and the same work ethic that was instilled in us by the actions of our founder, Ocie Yarborough. From what started off as a determined young man wanting more from his long hard-working days on a farm, the areas of Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia, have been transformed by the drive, motivation and willingness of one individual to help others in need.  

Our Promise

YDI Construction became the company it is today solely on a young man with an ambition to provide more in his daily life. The passion he displayed continues throughout our company as a benchmark for our culture and to the clients we represent.

We truly value each project with the upmost gratitude and the certainty to complete the project on time and with satisfaction. It is our commitment to you that we deliver the quality work to you.

We are excited to move forward with the wisdom of the past 55 years and blending it with the technology of the present to improve the future for all. 

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